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  • Комната виртуальной реальности
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Virtual Environment Group

Virtual Environment Group (VE Group) is a Russian-German company, one of the leaders in system integration in 3D visualisation and Virtual Reality in Russia.

Our portfoio includes VE CAVEs, VE CADWalls, VE Panoramas, HMD contents and others. Here you can see our projects.

The company began as R&D group at MIPT  in 2002

  • 2002 — VE-Simulation department
  • 2003 — VE-Graphics department
  • 2004 — 3D/VR urban planning for Moscow government (civil construction)
  • 2007 — first CAVE in Russia
  • 2010 — first digital planetarium in Russia
  • 2012 — VR prototyping solution for Multi-D nuclear power plant construction methodology (industrial constructions)
Our mission is to provide better vision, better comprehension and better decision making with virtual reality and high-quality visualisation technologies.
For any information, please find our contacts:
email: info@ve-group.ru
tel: +7-495-646-04-74